The Breath Takers

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Because it's 5.24 AM

It's been a year and a half and the life of mine changed A LOT.

Yes. I mean A LOT.

After the biggest impact occurred last year, I moved to a new life which I found it absolutely CRAZY & WILD and it took my breathe away. I admit, I'm in love with "The Things" I've done and I'm in love with the job and new stunning friends, but hey, I did learned from my mistake. The sweetest mistake I'd ever done and menyesal itu memang ada. But thank you for the experience. Really appreciate it.

Thank you
Kak Eryn
Nizar ( I hate him)

And after that phase, I moved to a new surrounding which is I do enjoy it to the max. Totally. People are nice and they loved me. The one who I thought who can't really understand me turns to be the one who can. Aviation is a new world for me and it is the world that I'd really want to work my ass off hard since I've graduated from my high-school. 

Things turned out to be crazy when someone purposely knocked the heart while I'm enjoying my life and he bring out the best of me. At first I don't believe what had happened because I do think it is impossible for us to work it out. Besides, we're totally "Just Friend". I swear I don't care but I knew, my heart said otherwise. He did played with my heart and let me down so so many times dan peritnya hati hanya aku yang tahu.

Just to be clear, I do believe in myself. If karma wanna punch me on the face, screw you. I do believe this is fate. As much as I want him to be my side, I really do hope he wants the same too. 

30th August 2014 hari bersejarah even lagi sekali disimbah dengan kesakitan 3 days before.  2nd of May 2015 will be the greatest day ever. Walau macam mana pun kau sakitkan hati aku, aku takkan mengalah. Aku bukan perempuan tipikal yang akan bow down begitu mudah. Kita belum kenal sepenuhnya lagi Cik Tunang :)

P/s : Adakalanya kepercayaan itu mengalir, dan adakalanya ia hilang. Tapi aku betul cintakan kau.